A reader writes about Acts
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Author:  paulrace [ Tue May 12, 2015 4:22 pm ]
Post subject:  A reader writes about Acts

Received from a reader:

Got here in a backwards way but so glad I did. I've often wondered about how the modern Christian genre got started, I always believed it was the 2nd Chapter of Acts. I went to a concert of theirs on the University of Nebraska campus in 1972 and was blown away. You basically confirmed my suspicions. Thank you for an excellently written article.


Thanks for the nice note - Paul

Author:  paulrace [ Thu Jan 21, 2016 8:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A reader writes about Acts

I think part of the transition was due to Acts having such an unusual sound, and high-quality recordings. Most of the Jesus bands recorded on a shoestring. Although some of them were as good in concert as anyone else playing, they couldn't afford the violins, the overdubbing, the 10/1 take ratios, etc. of their rock peers. So with a few exceptions, their records weren't competitive on the radio, and most were purchased by fans who had seen them live.

Buck Herring ran the studio that Acts recorded in, plus he was married to the piano player. He was able to give them all the time and resources they needed. After their first album, some of the other labels began to realize that it was possible for a Christian band to sell records outside of their concerts if the records could stand on their own.

I remember when Acts spent $20,000 on recording one of the followup albums (about 80K today). The "Christian" music world was scandalized. How could you put that much money into recording MUSIC?

But within 18 months, the Stones spent $100,000 producing one of their albums and Michael Jackson spent something like $6,000,000 producing the video for "Thriller." Eventually folks realized that $20K wasn't all that big an investment if it could change the face of the industry, which Acts did.

I still LOVE the first few albums especially. I remember in the 1990s a supposedly up-and-coming CCM star mentioning that her producers had asked her to do a duet with Annie Herring on her album, and the "star" said, she supposed that was okay, since folks told her that Annie was a "big deal" "back in the day." I wanted to throw something at the girl. I won't say her name because she crashed and burned shortly thereafter - a combination of naivete and really bad coaching/advising on the part of her management team as much as anything else.

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