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As you can tell, this isn’t a site of its own yet, but I set up the name for the sake of vintage sax players and owners who wanted to be able to jump here easily without going through the other menus on the

I’ve been playing sax since elementary school and owned several noteworthy horns. When I started writing about my own experiences, I started getting inquiries about other horns, so I started doing more research, especially on pre-1967 saxophones.  (That was the year when everybody started copying Selmer’s Balanced Action keywork and the differences between saxophone lines grew less pronounced. It also marked the beginning of the end for brands that couldn’t afford to reengineer their previously successful products.) 

In the meantime, I discovered that there is a lot of misinformation and false advertising on the internet, especially about vintage horns.  So the more information I publish here, the more contacts I get from sax players and potential sax purchasers with corrections or additions, or just telling me thanks for the help.

I used to publish updates about this section in my Momma Don’t ’Low newsletter, which covered all my music sites.  But, frankly, that comes out more often than I have vintage saxophone news to report, and there’s no sense inundating vintage sax lovers with articles about banjos or autoharps.

You can use our contact page to ask questions or to sign up for e-mail notifications about new content on this section.   We’ll call the newsletter something clever like “This Old Sax Update.”  

In the meantime the references we’ve created for saxophone lovers are listed below:

Shopping for Saxophones

Articles you may find helpful include:

Saxophone Discussion Forum

We recently started a discussion forum where readers ask me questions about saxophones - mostly about vintatge horns - and I post my answers.  In most cases, the readers have e-mailed me and I’ve copied their questions to the forum (with their names left out, of course)..  However, you are free to sign up and post your questions or correct me about something or give me your input.  

To see the questions and answers that have been posted so far, click here.

To sign up for the School Of the Rock discussion forums, including the Saxophone forum, click here.

Reminiscing About Saxophones

Another resource, the Horns in My Life articles describe various saxophones (and one flute) with which I’ve made a personal connection over the last 45 years.  Some folks who’ve had similar horns will find it a helpful resource.  Others will just like to reminisce along with me.  On the other hand, if you come across one of these horns while you’re shopping for a saxophone and want to know more about it, you may find one or more of the articles helpful.

The list is in the sequence in which I owned the following horns, not in the sequence they were built, which is way different.

If you have created or know of other good resources we should post or link to here, please let us know.

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And please stay in touch!

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